Labour MPs back grassroots push to change party’s Brexit policy

  • Love Socialism group of MPs backs joint conference motion with Another Europe is Possible, Labour for a Socialist Europe and Open Labour
  • Motion calls on Labour to “campaign energetically for a public vote and to Remain” and to “defend free movement and extend migrants’ rights”
  • MPs and activists call for a radical strategy to challenge the far right and tackle the reasons why people voted Leave

The Love Socialism group of left wing Labour MPs has backed a push by campaign groups to change Labour’s Brexit position at its party conference in September.

The motion to Labour conference, which is jointly drafted by left wing groups Another Europe is Possible, Labour for a Socialist Europe and Open Labour, calls for Labour to “campaign energetically for a public vote and to Remain”.

Love Socialism has also released a shorter version of the motion, calling for a public vote with an option to Remain. The MPs encourage local activists to take a view as to which is more likely to pass in their CLP.

The motion is explicit about the need for both a radical social programme and an internationalist drive to transform the EU. It calls on Labour to “attack poverty, insecurity and inequality; rebuild communities with public investment and ownership; boost wages and union rights; and combat the climate crisis.”

The motion is very likely to be heard at party conference, and activists predict that hundreds of CLPs will debate the motion. Another Europe is Possible, the organisation which ran the campaign ahead of last year’s conference, will be running phonebanks and coordinating a bank of contacts across hundreds of CLPs.

Rachael Maskell, MP for York Central, said: 

“This motion is about members taking control of our strategy, and giving the leadership the support it needs. The only way we can beat the rise of the far right is to challenge its narratives and solve the social crisis that fuels it. Labour must look towards radical answers to the massive problems of climate change and poverty – we need to transform Europe and take our role as an internationalist party seriously.”

Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich South, said: 

“This motion sets out a strategy for Labour to win back the voters we have lost in recent months, end Brexit, and get on with the task of rebuilding and transforming Britain. Constructive ambiguity has run its course – now we need clarity and principle.”

1. For more information please ring Michael on 07964791663 or email
2. The motion can be viewed in full online at
3. The motions are a joint initiative of the Love Socialism MPs with Another Europe is Possible Labour for a Socialist Europe and Open Labour

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